Hi and welcome to Keto Gourmand! 

We are Maya and Rok, a couple behind the Keto Gourmand food blog.


Maya is a home-cook with more than 20 years of experience cooking for family and friends. She loves to develop new recipes and keto adapting traditional recipes from different cuisines. If she is not in the kitchen, she is probably somewhere thinking about food.

Rok is Keto Gourmand’s recipe tester, photographer, food critic and a creative source behind many KG’s recipes.  If he is not in the kitchen, he is probably being creative somewhere else. 


Our passion for good food and cooking has led us to create a food blog dedicated to sharing easy, delicious and budget friendly recipes for foodies. 

Most of the recipes we create are low carb dishes suitable for keto, paleo, low carb, high fat, sugar free and gluten free lifestyle. We are regularly updating our blog and our social media accounts with new recipes and food ideas we love.  All the recipes on this blog are prepared in our kitchen and we aim to use all-natural ingredients and spices available in local stores or on Amazon.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact us

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