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Cheese wrapped ham and tuna 🙌

This is my favorite breakfast wrap! It's really something and it's low carb so...

This one is just too easy... :)

1️⃣ prepare the wrap:

• preheat the oven - 160°C

• spread 1 cup grated cheddar on a baking paper in a circle or square shape, sprinkle with chilly and oregano and bake for a few minutes until it melts (5 mins) and then leave to cool for a few minutes

2️⃣ tuna filling:

• mix 1 tbsp mayo with 1 tbsp cream cheese, 2 tbsp canned tuna, 2 diced capers, pinch of salt, pepper and oregano

3️⃣ wrapping it up:

• line few slices of sandwich ham on the cooled cheese wrap and spread the tuna over it

• sprinkle with grated cheese and roll your wraps

Enjoy ❤️


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