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Keto strawberry jam 🍓

 You can use this one with keto pancakes, cakes, biscuits or with some butter on your keto  bread - what ever you decide, it’s going to be great! 👌


  • 300 grams strawberries (fresh or frozen)

  • few tbsp water (enough to cover the bottom of your pot)

  •  1 tbsp sweetener

  •  1 tbsp milled chia seeds (if you don’t have the milled seeds, use the mortar and pestle or food processor) You’ll also need:

  • 1 small pot

  •  food processor or masher

  • a jar 


  •  add a few tbsp of water to your pot, just enough to cover the bottom

  • add the strawberries and cook on medium to low for around 40 minutes (occasionally stir to make sure there is enough liquid in the pot)

  • when strawberries get soft, add the milled chia seeds and 1 tbsp sweetener and cook on low with occasional stirring until all the liquid has evaporated . Enjoy ❤️ 


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