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Keto crepes/pancakes

One food that I truly enjoy in various sweet and savory combinations is crepe. 

I dare to say that it would be really hard for me to remove this one form the menu but thankfully there is no need for that with this super easy recipe. 

Ingredients: • 4 eggs • 3 tbsp almond flour 

• 2 tbsp sweetener • optional: 2 drops of vanilla extract • butter (to grease the pan) You’ll also need: • a crepe pan • mixer and the mixing bowl Preparation: • mix the eggs with sweetener and vanilla, add 3 tbsp almond flour and mix until combined • grease your crepes pan and bake like usual * stir the mixture before adding to the pan

Serving idea: You can serve these with keto jam, homemade chocolate keto/lchf spread or melted dark chocolate and sprinkle them with some grounded walnuts. Enjoy ❤️


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