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Keto Sausage Rolls

These low carb keto sausage rolls can be served as an appetizer, breakfast, dinner or as a guilt free snack while watching your favorite TV show or a game. If you are planning a road trip or a picnic, these are an excellent choice to make.

You can make this keto finger food in advance - prepare the bigger amount and then freeze these low carb sausage rolls to have them ready to bake when needed.

Low Carb Keto Sausage rolls

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Main ingredients for the keto sausage rolls dough are cheese, egg and almond flour.

If you have nut allergies, do not worry - you can substitute almond flour with coconut flour.

The texture of the keto dough, once baked, is bread-like but also cheesy and crispy at the bottom. It bakes really quickly so make sure that your filling is cooked prior to wrapping it in the dough.

You can also use this dough for a variety of low carb keto comfort food like healthy low carb pizza or sandwiches. Check some of our other keto dough food ideas below:

Keto Sausage Rolls



  • 200 grams grated mozzarella

  • 100 g almond flour

  • 1 creamy cheese triangle or 1 tbsp cream cheese

  • 1 egg (beaten)


  • 500 g sausages (cooked)


  • Preheat the oven at 180°c

  • Microwave mozzarella and cheese triangle for about 1:30 minutes, until it melts

  • Stir in almond flour and 1 beaten egg and knead using your hands until you get everything combined into a dough

  • To make it easier for rolling, place the dough between 2 sheets of baking paper and roll it thinly with your rolling pin

  • Place the cooked sausages on the edge of one side of your keto dough and wrap them with dough. Cut off the excess dough and repeat until you have used all the sausages and the dough. Cut the sausages into desired size and place on a lined baking tray.

  • Bake at 180°c for about 15-20 minutes, until the rolls have a nice golden color

Enjoy ❤️


Yields: 18 small keto sausage rolls

Per serving: 1

Calories: 158 I Net Carbs: 2 g I Total Carbs: 2 g I Fat: 13 g I Protein: 7 g

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