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Low carb "fries"

There are many side dish options when you are low carbing. Celeriac is one of those options when you want some comfort food but you also want to still keep it keto.

Since celeriac has a pretty strong taste, I suggest cutting it into really thin/skinny fries because they will be more tasty.


  • celery root

  • coconut butter/oil

  • salt, paprika, pepper, garlic, chilly (depending on your preferences)

Preparation: • peel the celery root with a vegetable peeler or a knife • cut it into thin fries shape • melt the butter/oil in the frying pan on medium heat

• add the fries and fry them until brown (around 5 minutes) • season with spices 

You can also top them with melted cheese or a sauce 

 Enjoy ❤️ 


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