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No bake Keto choco&coco balls

This sweet keto treat is simple and delicious and it will satisfy your sweet tooth.


• 1 can coconut milk (thick part)

• 3 tbsp coconut oil

• 4 tbsp coco powder

• 2 tbsp sweetener

• 3 tbsp fine coconut flour (or regular coconut flour) 

• some coconut flour for coating


• whole almond, hazelnut, pistachio (depending on your liking)


• Cool your coconut milk in the fridge, best overnight

• Open the coconut milk can from the bottom as we only need the thick part (you can use the liquid milk for a smoothie or something

• Scoop the thick part, put it in a bowl and add the oil, coco powder, sweetener and coconut flour 

• Mix with hand mixer until firm

• Check if you want to add more sweetener and modify

• Create small balls, put your favorite nuts in them and roll them in the coconut flour for coating

• Put in the freezer for about 10 mins and enjoy ❤️ .


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