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Steak salad

This amazingly simple salad is one of my favorites!

It contains proteins, fats, fibers and it tastes so delicious!

Ingredients: • 1 beef steak • few cherry tomatoes • fresh baby spinach or lamb lettuce

• butter • salt and pepper • crushed chilly 

You’ll also need: • a non stick pan • a big plate 😁

Preparation: • butter your pan good and cook that steak the way you prefer it • on a plate, mix cherry tomatoes and corn salad and put a little salt on it • when finished, cut your steak like shown in the picture and pour the butter from your pan over your salad • add the steak pieces and enjoy this low carb beauty 

If you like spicy food like we do, sprinkle with some crushed chilly Enjoy ❤️ 


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